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Bomber is a creative organization and a full-service film and video production company. We write, produce, direct and deliver extremely well executed content for all outlets. Founded by award-winning filmmaker Dalton Coffey, Bomber is securely rooted in narrative cinema. Our goal is simple: tell stories that will last… and tell them better.

Take a look below at some of our frequency asked questions to learn a little more about us.



Are you an Ad Agency?

Absolutely not.

Do you do graphic design work?

Technically, no. But ask us anyway… (hint: check out our “Supply Drops” page)

What does “Historical Documentaries” mean?

We love stories rooted in history! Specifically, military history. And who better to tell those stories than those who were there? We love scripted narrative content as well, but live for the opportunity to listen to a veteran tell their story. We specialize in WWII and Vietnam eras.

Do you do traditional commercials?

No, we do not.

Do you do non-military related projects?

Yes! Though most of our projects are in the military aviation world, we also do non-commercial narrative films and music videos. Narrative shorts and feature films is where we got our start!